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little energy balls

Pedigreed with excellent bloodline.

Registered with the SACC (the Southern Africa Cat Council) 

Vet checked

All inoculations and deworming up to date 

Buying a kitten


Our kittens will generally go to their new homes at the age of 3 months, and they will be given only to approved homes. NONE of our cats may be used for breeding.​

When you come to collect your precious kitten please bring your own cat carrier we do not provide cat carriers.


We will finally give to the new owner a 4 generations pedigree, vaccination certificate, the Maine Coon breed standards, as well as an agreement form the buyer must sign before taking home their Maine Coon.



We ship our kittens internationally.

We highly recommend purchasing 2 kittens 


Marilyn Krieger, a certified cat behaviour consultant, owner of The Cat Coach, LLC, says "Kittens, by design, are little energy machines. Everyone and every item in their world become a target for stalking, pouncing, and play. It is impossible for people to become full-time playmates for these little ones.


A built-in perfect solution is adopting more than one kitten — they keep each other occupied and entertained." kittens need ample stimulation ie. play time if the buyer cannot give them their desired amount I would recommend buying 2 kittens.


No breeding rights

contact us for the price of the kitten that you are interested in

Great News & Updates

We are happy to inform you we will be having our next litter around May!

Chamonix Alissa + Chamonix Jokercoon Lovern*RU (IMP)

Chamonix  Skylar Grey + Chamonix Prince Kovu

To inquire about a kitten or to be put on our waiting list for a kitten please fill in the form below.

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